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    Welcome everyone who is seeking freedom, equality and better life in an era of smart economy

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    iCube enables people to enjoy a better life in an era of smart economy with freedom, equality, privacy and prosperity

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    Targeted at building a smart economy driven by personal artificial intelligence.




We will bestow financial intelligence to everyone and create intelligent financial applications that belong to individuals so that people can enjoy the beautiful life in an intelligent era with freedom, equality, privacy and prosperity!

iCube Community

Let every sharing to become the possibility of changing the world

—— The future era of smart economy is based on the common values of freedom, equality and happiness, people coming together to jointly create and build an artificial intelligence economic network community that belongs to everyone.

—— iCube chain a free learning, application and communication community space for users.

—— a network platform for technology geeks to work together to develop and release icube software source code based on community open source licenses.

—— a service platform for Smart Economy Designers to design and launch smart economy contract applications based on community smart economic contract agreements.

—— a service platform that Data scientists work together to design and publish contracts for individual AI algorithms based on community and artificial-intelligence driven, collaborative computing protocols.

—— It also serves all community members via icube time, icube live, icube salon and icube activities. Welcome everyone who is seeking freedom, equality and happiness in the era of smart economy to join us!

Vision and Culture

ICUBE empowers everyone with financial intelligence to create personal intelligent financial applications and enjoy a free, equal, private, and rich life in the age of intelligence.
In the face intelligent economy in the future and driven by the artificial intelligence of individuals, iCube empowers everyone with financial intelligence and construct a credit investigation system protocol that follows the measures of both material and spiritual value to help everyone generate, manage and apply their own “iCube” (a super-intelligent self-finance application) in an intelligent economic network. ICUBE makes everyone enjoy a free, equal, private, and rich life in the age of intelligence.

Let's Finance!

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Community core and technical advisory team

Elite founding team, top strategic partner agencies and senior industry consultants dedicated to create icube community



Committee Member and Core development members

Jiang Peng

Jiang Peng

Data scientist Dr. Jiang Peng



Technical geeks

Guo Yuan

Dr. Guo Yuan

Legal Advisor

Thomas Ham

Thomas Ham

Members of the legal adviser Thomas Ham

bulat icoube的社区核心,技术顾问 Bulat Nasrulin ,Committee Member and Core development members
He has received a master's degree in computer science, has over 5 years of development experience, and is proficient in developing languages such as C++, C, Python, Java, SQL, R, etc., and is familiar with OpenCV, YARP, PYL, CUDA, Thrust, CUDA, and so on. BULAT is the core development member of the Hyperledger Iroha project.
jiangpeng Data scientist Dr. Jiang Peng
He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Arizona. He has participated in the design of the entire lifecycle of e-commerce platform architecture and financial risk control platform, coordinated and evaluated multiple external data vendors' data to improve the company's sales profit, and utilized machine learning (monotonic constraint integration Model) to build a bad debt risk assessment system and reduce the 11% default rate.
Have more than 5 years of development experience, proficiency in C + +, Java, etc., familiar with CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, Phyton, Scala and so on. ANDREI is a core developer of the Hyperledger Iroha project.
Guo Yuan Legal Advisor Dr. Guo Yuan
He graduated from the University of Florida Department of Electronic Engineering and has been engaged in patent service for nearly 10 years in Silicon Valley, the United States. Now a founder of IP Portal, he focuses on technology transfer from research institutions such as universities and colleges around the world to help companies participate in the commercialization of intellectual property. At present, it has established preliminary cooperation with Top5 universities in Top 10 universities in the United States.
Members of the legal adviser Thomas Ham Members of the legal adviser Thomas Ham
In the United States Silicon Valley engaged in patent service for 20 years, is now IP Portal co-founder. Previously, he served as a Sony e-Patent Attorney with patented clients including NXP Semiconductors, HP, Avago Technologies, Agilent Technologies, Cisco, GE Healthcare, SK Telecom, University of Missouri, Université de Technologie de Troyes, And start-ups around the world.

Senior Strategy Consultant

Deng Di

Di Deng

CEO of Tai Cloud Corporation,Director of block chain alliances

Han Feng

Feng Han

One of the founders of Elastos,life member of Bitcoin Foundation

Huining Cao

Huining Cao

Professor of Finance in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, member of American Financial Society

Xinxing Duan

Xinxing Duan

CEO of 8BTC, founder of Bytom

Lijie Wang

Lijie Wang

President of East China Branch of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association

Tao Gu

Tao Gu

Partner of Longstand Capital, and partner of Rhodium Capita

Di Deng Di Deng
Graduated from Tsinghua University in 2003, who has successfully founded several companies, CEO of Taiyi Technology, with innovative achievements in multiple technical fields such as P2P, video, cloud computing, digital currency, block chain etc., awarded with the title of cloud computing expert by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2013, expert member of Central University of Finance and Economics - Academic Committee of the Joint Laboratory of Century Interconnected Block Chain, Deputy Secretary General of Zhongguancun Block Chain Industry Alliance, and Director of multiple block chain alliances and organizations.
Feng Han Feng Han
Doctoral student of Tsinghua University, life member of Bitcoin Foundation, served as project leader of Tenth Five Year Plan of Tsinghua University Key Subject "Innovative Talents Evaluation and Selection Based on Network (Big Data)", and Chinese partner of American Oracle Education Foundation. One of the founders of Elastos, member of the Board of Directors, visiting scholar of Columbia University and research assistant, and consultant of Huawei Central Research Institute.
Jun Du Jun Du
Entrepreneur and investor engaged in block chain industry at the earliest time in the world, founder of node capital, joint founder of Huobi - one of the biggest exchanges of the globe, founder and CEO of Golden Finance - one of the biggest block chain media companies of the globe. Mr. Du possesses professional industrial knowledge, profound entrepreneurial experience and industrial resources, and he has invested tens of block chain projects.
Xinxing Duan Xinxing Duan
Former Vice President of OKCoin, current CEO of 8BTC, founder of Bytom, researcher in finance and technology fields, and the winner of scholarship of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Lijie Wang Lijie Wang
President of East China Branch of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association, Executive Member of Shanghai Sea Sky Club, member of China Angel Investment Association, and Vice President of Zhongguancun Angel Investment Association. Founded angel investment brand - PreAngel in 2011.
Tao Gu Tao Gu
Partner of Longstand Capital, and partner of Rhodium Capital (Singapore). Graduated as an undergraduate from the Computer Department of Zhejiang University. After that, obtained EBMA degree of Tsinghua University, EBMA degree of French INSEAD, and master's degree in engineering of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. With multiple years of operating experience in PE investment/merger and acquisition industry, the total amount of investment/merger projects lead by him has surpassed 1 billion US dollars, involving multiple industries such as finance, education, consumption and medical.
Huining Cao Huining Cao
Professor Cao Huining, Doctor of University of California, Los Angeles, and Doctor of Yale University. Currently the Professor of Finance in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Director of Finance Research Center, and member of American Financial Society . Once taught in University of California, Berkeley, and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Research fields mainly focus on portfolio management, option pricing, capital pricing, market microstructure, international finance etc.

Strategic Partners

Purdue University Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

1、Smart Chain blockchain technology is considered a new generation of data exchange network infrastructure. We are committed to optimizing the underlying technology at the blockchain, as well as the architectural design of the technology in the areas of finance, insurance, commerce and more. "Smarter" blockchain technology will greatly optimize and break through the existing technology bottlenecks in the blockchain.

2、Smart Intelligent the current implementations of Artificial Intelligence technology have brought upon us a lot of optimization problems in the area of ML, DL hyper-parameter tuning, and GPU/NPU cluster optimization. "Smarter" AI algorithms will enhance the benefits and efficiencies to the widespread adoption of AI technology and to large-scale commercial applications.

3、Smart Data To protect data privacy in the case of data sharing, how to make the data production, storage and transaction process more efficient and more secure. “Smarter” data markets and data governance solutions will give the data itself intelligence.

4、Smart Fin The financial industry is in the midst of an ever-changing era of big data and artificial intelligence. The working methods, models and data of the traditional financial industry is facing a full range of revolutionary changes. "Smarter" financial technology, with a blockchain-based contract at the core, and traceability of the credit on the chain as links, bestows intelligence to the financial industry.



Cooix is a value-data network operator based on blockchain and Cooix computing technologies; we are committed to bringing our customers secure, high-quality, equitable, efficient, and low-cost value network operation services through technical and business innovations.

products and services:

Jumeng: The Cooix data alliance service management platform, based on the data alliance computing platform to provide full-scale data computing services, allowing you to easily control big data and help your business innovations.

Juzhi: The Cooix intelligent modeling platform, with an easy-to-use user interface and a rich selection of modeling algorithms, making it easy for you to apply machine learning and predictive analytics to solve today's most challenging business problems.

Juce: The Cooix financial decision engine platform, with the world's leading financial model algorithm, combined with the characteristics of the domestic financial business optimizations, improved with the application of big data deep learning algorithms, to form the best financial decision engine applications.



Targeted at building a smart economy driven by personal artificial intelligence. icube builds a blockchain of sandboxes that support Turing complete programming languages and secure multi-party computing algorithms by building the ultimate information-oriented abstraction base layer and the artificial-intelligence-based algorithm model layer, enabling developers to create all kinds of individual-oriented intelligent financial contracts and applications, and set up the ownership rules, transaction modes and state transition functions based on the basic definition framework. The icube blockchain protocol based on the POW offers icube money as encrypted fuel used to pay transaction costs. icube points are also designed in the protocol as the exchange unit between users to quantify the value of the computations. Powered by personal-oriented artificial intelligence for AI developers and service providers, icubechain empowers everyone with financial intelligence to generate, manage and apply their “icube” (a super-smart self-finance application) in intelligent economic networks by building a credit-system and protocols that follow material and spiritual value measurements simultaneously. icube, through the super-smart self-finance model, providing intelligent credit services, intelligent financial services, intelligent asset management services, etc. for everyone, so that people can enjoy a better life in the smart era with freedom, equality, privacy and prosperity!

Download the complete white paper >>


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